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My experience with Belkyra has surpassed my expectations!

by: Rebekah, Aesthetician

Belkyra is the first and only Health Canada approved injectable lower face contouring treatment. Being in the skin care industry for over 14 years I am always interested in the latest cosmetic procedures and treatments so it seemed only natural for me to try Belkyra. Like most women the chin area has been a concern of mine so I was excited to hear that it became available The Medical Rejuvenation Centre.

The treatment itself was relatively quick (less than 5min) and painless. I was most concerned with swelling and the downtime involved. After the treatment, the area under my chin swelled a fair amount, however I could still go out in public while wearing a scarf. Most of the swelling calmed down within two/three days and I was able to go back to my regular social life.

beklyra treatment
beklyra treatment

                                Before                                                                After 8 weeks


One thing that I did notice (which I had learned was a common side effect) was that the skin under my chin was numb and jiggled a bit for approximately 6 weeks after treatment. It wasn’t uncomfortable and it was not noticeable to anyone but me.

It took approximately 8 weeks for me to see my full results, which I am so happy with! My jaw line is much more defined and my double chin is virtually gone after only one treatment.

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And stay tuned for the results of my second treatment coming in the Fall!

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