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One of the many wonderful services we offer is CoolSculpting. This procedure is non-invasive, which targets fat cells in those difficult areas and then to ultimately eliminate them from the body. Through controlled technology, fat cells are cooled beneath the surface of the skin and finally, the body releases them through the lymphatic system much like the fats from food.

However, you’re probably wondering if you will see results…

The answer is yes. After you visit us for an assessment and approximately 6 to 8 treatments, you will see positive results around 2 months, with a fat loss of around 20%. This is why our Technicians recommend that you plan a couple of months ahead before say, wanting to be ‘bikini-body ready’ or for that special event you’ve been anticipating.


To maintain these positive results, it is recommended to support your body by taking extra steps to help keep off the fat. This is through lifestyle changes to ensure that fat cells don’t grow back in those difficult places. Proper diet and exercise is key. This will make you healthy, feel energised and of course, make your skin glow.

If you have any questions regarding the CoolSculpting service, please call our office at 604-763-7546 and to book your appointment.

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