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Anti-aging Skin Care: The Difference Between Serums and Creams

What’s the difference between Skin Serum and Skin Cream in anti-aging skin care products? Usually, the difference between serum and cream is in texture and purpose. Anti-aging Skin Serum Anti-aging Skin Serum is more often lighter and more liquid than skin creams. They are designed to get anti-aging skin care ingredients, like CoQ10, peptides, vitamins, and retinol into your skin quickly (their small molecules allow them to…

All about moisturizer

All skin moisturizers are a combination of grease or oil and water. Lotions, creams and ointments are the three classes of moisturizers – differing in their oil to water concentrations and their ability to seal in moisture. Lotions feel nice and light on the skin but contain a lot of water so they are not deeply hydrating. Switching to a thicker…