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Signs of Sun damage

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Whether it’s brown, red or pink, small or large, clustered or diffuse, hyperpigmentation is a darkening of the skin due to higher than normal levels of melanin. No matter where it occurs, any part of the skin that is darker than the rest is hyperpigmented. In order to avoid it, the most important thing to do is wear sunscreen—even if you don’t…

5 Signs of Sun Damage

Do you have any signs of Sun Damage? Skin Dullness/Dryness The most obvious sign is the lack of radiance and moisture.  Skin looks “weathered,” dehydrated and flaky. Texture Change. Constant sun exposure leads to the skin maintaining a “leather-like” look because of the depletion of collagen. Age Spots. One of the most obvious signs of over exposure to the sun…