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Di Morelli

Di MLogo - JPGorelli cosmeceutical skin care line provides a comprehensive, medical approach to skin care designed to effectively correct the signs of aging. Utilizing only the highest quality ingredients produces results which distinguishes our line above the competition.

Di Morelli was created by Dr. R.  Morrell, director and proprietor of the Vancouver based Medical Rejuvenation Centre. Dr. Morrell has developed this skin care line to therapeutically correct and care for the skin. In seeing a variety of issues with his patients he knows the main areas of concern to combat the signs of aging. Dr. Morrell has developed products that will correct and protect against damage caused by UVA/UVB lights and exposure to everyday elements while leaving the skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

Di Morelli integrates the highest level of quality ingredients to care for the skin through purifying, stimulating, stabilizing and protecting on a daily basis.

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