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Venus Legacy – LiftFX™ & Sculpt™ provide safe, pain-free immediate, long term results for body contouringcellulite reductionstretch mark reductionwrinkle reduction and skin tightening for the faceneck and body

  • Venus Legacy – LiftFX™ mainly treats the face and neck but also is designed for treatment of the eyes and smaller body areas
    • Fat reduction by way of focused heat
    • Reduce under eye puffiness
  • Venus Legacy – SculptFX™ treats the whole body
    • Fat and cellulite reduction
      • Heat causes fat cells to be eliminated
    • Facilitates lymphatic drainage
    • Heat induces collagen reformation to help improve stretchmarks
  • Venus Legacy ™ – utilizes superior technology, combining safe RF induced heat and pulsed magnets fields
  • Radio Frequency has been a proven method for non-surgical body contouring and skin tightening. The multi-polar design of the Venus Legacy – LiftFX™& SculptFX™ hand-pieces allow them to deliver high doses of thermal energy (heat) faster than any other treatment, in a more balanced, homogeneous way to multiple targeted tissue depths without pain. This results in superior outcomes
  • Pulsed Magnetic Fields has been used in medicine for centuries and in traditional medicine for decades. (Example: An MRI is a big spinning magnet.) PMF is also used with bone fusion and wound therapy. Venus Legacy – LiftFX™ & SculptFX™ uses magnetic fields to help regenerate the tissues and expedite healing by causing an increased production in new blood vessels and collagen

Although some patients will experience very nice results soon after starting their treatment series, optimum results occur after 6 weekly treatments for the face and 8 weekly treatments for the body

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