Acne Scars

Learn how to heal and repair your skin from years of acne scarring.


Acne and blemishes are super common in your teenage years, but many of us also experience acne breakouts and flare-ups throughout adulthood. We have all been there. You are probably wondering how to get rid of acne breakouts, control excess oil on your skin and clear away your forehead acne or face pimples. What are the most effective acne treatment options out there?


According to the Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada, about 90% of teenagers experience acne on a regular basis. But even more shocking, one in five women are regularly affected by acne too. And acne scarring is quite common. Reportedly, around 55% of teenagers experience some form of dark spots or red acne scars caused by frequent breakouts. More often than not, acne scars will appear as small holes and indents in the skin, or as raised bumps that give you the appearance of an uneven, textured complexion.


The good news? There are plenty of effective treatment options to remove acne back scars and face or body scars. Secret RF by Cutera Aesthetic Solutions is an innovative way to revitalize your skin and remove stubborn acne scars using advanced radio-frequency technology. Ideal for skin revitalization and resurfacing, the treatment uses gentle microneedles to deliver fractional radio frequency energy deep into your skin. PRP microneedling for acne scars is also quite common. Using active growth factors from your own platelet cells, you can stimulate collagen production and fade away scars. Depending on your individual needs, dermal fillers could also be a smart choice to achieve your ideal look and add natural volume in place of scar indents.