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With over 20 years experience injecting Botox, Dr. Morrell is a leading industry expert who is highly experienced in treating aging skin concerns and preventative Botox. Known for their anti-aging abilities, neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin smooth wrinkles and prevent future aging, improving the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines.

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments at our clinic in Downtown Vancouver, Botox and Dysport are highly sought after for their effectiveness in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Neuromodulators such as these work to freshen your appearance by smoothing lines and wrinkles that make you look angry or sad, giving a youthful, natural look. Under the guidance of Dr. Morrell, our team consists of highly experienced, knowledgeable Doctor and Nurse injectors who have performed thousands of Botox and Dysport treatments and who will provide you with a personalized experience.

Our clients describe their Botox experience at Medical Rejuvenation Centre as safe, immaculate, precise, efficient, and friendly. With a patient-centered, medical approach to treatment, Dr. Morrell provides honest, knowledgeable options for treatment based on individual  patient concerns. During each step of treatment, our team of highly trained experts provide a detailed explanation of the treatment process, ensuring you are comfortable at all times, and giving exceptional, natural results.

30 Mins
$12 / unit

Treatment Areas

Brow Lift
Crow's Feet
Under Eye Fine Lines
Forehead Lines
Gummy Smile
Laugh Lines
Smoker Lines
Frown Lines
Jaw Shaping
Calf Shaping
Bunny Nose Lines
Nefertiti Lift

What is Botox (Botulinum Toxin)?

BOTOX COSMETIC® is a highly sought after (or leading) non-invasive injectable treatment used to smooth wrinkles and slow down the signs of aging. Botulinum Toxin is the scientific name for this neurotoxic protein which is derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is purified 27 times before it becomes the safe anti-aging product we know as BOTOX COSMETIC. At Medical Rejuvenation Centre, Dr. Morrell and his staff of highly experienced healthcare professionals use BOTOX to freshen your appearance by enhancing your natural contours. 

How does BOTOX work?

BOTOX is a purified protein that works by temporarily blocking nerve impulses to targeted muscles. It weakens the muscle so that it can’t contract, thereby relaxing and softening wrinkles. These non-invasive injections are administered directly into the desired treatment area. The most popular area for treatment is the face to target deep wrinkles, improve lines and aid in anti-aging. You may feel a momentary pinch or tingle when the product is injected. Generally, the effects are noticeable within 4 days and fully effective after 2 weeks. 

 Appointments are usually completed within 15 minutes and you can resume most regular activities immediately. The injector will advise you that you may resume other activities such as working out, 4 hours after your treatment.

Is BOTOX safe?

When administered by a licensed professional, BOTOX injections are safe. BOTOX is well researched and has been widely used clinically for 40 years. There are no long-term side effects. Short-term complications may include slight pain, swelling or bruising at the injection area and possibly a mild headache.

BOTOX is the most widely researched medicine in the world and globally distributed. The purified protein, BOTOX COSMETIC by Allergan, is considered a safe anti-wrinkle treatment and was approved for cosmetic injections by Health Canada in 2001. 

How long does BOTOX last?

Most patients enjoy lasting results for 3-4 months. First-time users may see the effects fade quicker, while long-term users may see the anti-wrinkle effects gradually last longer. 

How many units of BOTOX do I need?

Your individual needs will determine the number of BOTOX units needed to treat the specified area. To determine your needs, it’s best to have a consultation with a qualified health professional at Medical Rejuvenation Clinic. 

Generally, men require more BOTOX units to relax the muscles than women, since they tend to have stronger face muscles. The lines above your eyebrow are called glabellar lines. The recommended dose for men is 40 units, while for women the recommended dose is up to 20 units. 

The general guide for BOTOX injections from Allergan suggests 12 units around each eye for crow’s feet, 20 units total above the eyebrows and 20 units for horizontal forehead lines. That is a total of 64 units to treat all three areas to help diminish forehead wrinkles and brighten your eyes. However, this is a guide and some patients may need much less for efficacy, anywhere from 10 30 units. 

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