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Botox for acne prone skin

Decrease oil secretion to improve acne

What is mesobotox?

Mesobotox (also known as microbotox) delivers Botox into the superficial layer of the skin. This means it does not affect the major muscles that control your facial muscles, and only works to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce pore size and oil production. The result of this treatment will leave patients with a smoother, more refreshed, and shine-free appearance. There will be more injection sites than regular Botox, but less product is injected into each treatment area.

45 mins +
$12 / unit

Treatment Areas

Acne Prone Skin

What are the benefits of mesobotox?

Mesobotox works to reduce the pore size and decrease the oil production. It also tightens and smooths the skin. It can also diminish scarring and reverse any acne-causing inflammation on the face, resulting in smoother and clearer skin. Mesobotox results are non permanent, and will leave facial muscles unaffected. With this treatment, there is also no preparation, and very little downtime required.

How often should you get mesobotox?

Similar to traditional Botox, results from mesobotox will typically last about 3-4 months. As this will not provide permanent results, patients will need to repeat treatments to maintain desired results.

How does mesobotox work?

Mesobotox targets the sebaceous glands – sebaceous glands secrete an oil that are contributors to the development of acne. These glands will shrink and waste away due to the mesobotox, which means patients are left with less oily, clearer skin.

How can I prepare for mesobotox?

It is recommended to avoid any blood thinners for about 7 days before mesobotox treatments to avoid bruising and bleeding during/after treatment. Patients should also avoid products like glycolic acid and retinol 24 hours before treatment as well. The skin will be numbed before treatment, to ensure patient comfortability. Redness is normal after treatment for about 24 hours post treatment – after this subsides, there should be no other side effects or downtime required.

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