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Botox & Excessive Sweating

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| Jan 10th, 2022

How can Botox help with excessive sweating

Botox is a non-invasive injectable treatment used to smooth wrinkles and slow down the signs of aging. Botox is a toxin that can be used both cosmetically and medically. In medical conditions. Botox can treat migraines, overactive bladder, eyelid muscle spasms, and other muscle disorders, and excessive underarm sweating. When botox is used appropriately, it is very safe and very helpful. 

How can Botox treat excessive sweating?

Over the past years, it has been proven and approved by the FDA that Botox can help treat excessive sweating in the underarm area in patients. Botox (Botulinum toxin) alters neurotransmitters therefore, it helps to block the chemical in the body that activates the sweat glands. Thus, this lessens the amount of sweat produced in your underarms. After the injection, patients tend to see final results between 2 to 4 days after treatment is done. 

Areas of Application

This treatment can be done in different areas of the body where there’s excessive sweating. Areas such as hands, feet, nose, face, chest, back, and underarms. However, always consult a certified licensed injector for more information and guidance on this treatment. Patients that have further questions on this procedure can make a consultation here at MRC for further clarification on this treatment. 

How long does this treatment last?

This treatment can last from 4 months to up to 12 months, however, it is not permanent and the patient will need more injections if he/she decides to continue with the treatment. The after-care from the day of the treatment is to not do exercise soon after the treatment was done. However, patients may resume their normal routines the day after the procedure. 


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