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IV Treatment

Give yourself a boost with a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals

IV treatments deliver high doses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in different combinations to support a variety of concerns. This includes things like immune system health, skin dullness, the ‘winter blues’, low metabolism, and dehydration. 

30-60 mins
$120 +
No Downtime
Mild to No Discomfort

What is an IV treatment?

IV treatments are a fast-acting way to provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals. As this is an injection, the solution goes straight to your bloodstream which provides a fast absorption rate and immediate results. This is different from taking vitamins and supplements orally as these need to be broken down and digested by your body. 

At Medical Rejuvenation Centre, we offer 4 different types of IV treatments: Immune, Radiance, Energy, and Boost. Each IV solution is made up with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to target different concerns. Your doctor can help you choose the best treatment for you based on your needs. 

What are the benefits?

As we have 4 different IV blends to choose from, there are a multitude of benefits to IV treatments. Some common benefits include improved hydration, strengthening of the immune system, energy enhancement, skin brightening, metabolism boost, and nourishing the body with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. There is no downtime required after these treatments, and the results can be instant. 

How often should you get an IV drip?

This is dependent on which IV treatment you are getting, as the ingredients in each are different. Your doctor will let you know when the best time to come in again will be. As a general guideline: 

  • Boost: Can do 1-2 times a week if necessary
  • Immune: Once a month 
  • Radiance / Energy: 1-2 times a month

How long is the treatment?

The IV treatment generally takes about 60 minutes. Results can last for different periods of time, depending on the patient. Many patients say that they can feel the results for up to 14 days post IV treatment. Some like to schedule appointments monthly to maintain their results, whereas others only book in when they feel they need it. 

How should you prepare for IV therapy?

In the 2 weeks leading up to your appointment, it is best to stop taking any daily vitamins and/or supplements that you take orally. Other than that, no preparation is necessary!

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