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Achieve thicker, smoother skin with stimulation

Sculptra is an injectable treatment that corrects the appearance of lines and folds that can appear as a sign of aging. By the age of 45, your body has lost about 25% of its natural collagen. As collagen acts as the skin’s support structure, fine lines and wrinkles will become noticeable and your skin will begin to lose elasticity. Sculptra works to gradually and naturally restore collagen production in your body, which will lift and add volume to the treated area.

30/45+ mins
$1,000 +

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an injectable treatment that is used to stimulate the body to produce its own collagen. The base of Sculptra is poly-L-lactic-acid, which is a biocompatible, biodegradable, Health Canada approved material. This provides natural, gradual results that will lift problem areas and make you appear more youthful. Sculptra will rebuild lost collagen that occurs as you age, and will also restore your skin’s inner structure and volume.

What are the benefits of Sculptra?

Sculptra increases the thickness and radiance of the skin, which makes it ideal for aging skin. This is a great option for people looking to add fullness while still looking natural. 

Unlike other injectables, the results are not instantaneous and it will take 2-3 treatments to achieve the final results. However, after the final treatment, the results of Sculptra can last up to 2 years, whereas other injectable treatments must be maintained every few months.

How often should you get Sculptra done?

It is recommended that you receive about 3 treatments over a few months when starting out with Sculptra – these treatments can be done every 4-6 weeks or so. The number of appointments can vary from patient to patient. 

Once your initial treatments have been complete, you should not need further Sculptra treatments until you feel necessary! Most patients find their results last anywhere from 18-24 months. 

What does Sculptra do?

Sculptra is a natural stimulant that will increase the collagen your body produces. Your body will absorb the injected material within 24-48 hours, which is why results will dissipate until all treatments have been complete and will slowly begin to show over time. The poly-L-lactic acid particles will induce a controlled inflammatory response, which leads to the stimulation of collagen production. This collagen will increase the skin’s thickness, add volume to the tissue, and bring shape and fullness to the treated area. 

How can you prepare for Sculptra?

While there are no strict guidelines for preparing for this treatment, it is recommended that you refrain from using medications such as aspirin, advil and blood thinners two weeks prior to your treatment to reduce the chances of bruising.

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