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Help improve skin hyperpigmentation and remove tattoos

With over 15 years experience, our team of highly skilled Skin Technicians are dedicated to providing personalized solutions, tailoring each and every treatment plan to fit each client and their concerns. Our clients describe our Skin Technicians at Medical Rejuvenation Centre skin technicians as skilled, knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming, and we are committed to providing a like experience to all who visit us at MRC.

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Treatment Areas

Acne Scars
Fine Lines and Wrinkles

What is Enlighten Laser?

The Enlighten Laser is a new, cutting edge laser technology for pigmentation and tattoo removal. This advanced laser is the first on the market to include both longer (nanosecond) and shorter (picosecond) pulse durations, making it an effective and efficient option for addressing unwanted pigment and ink. This new treatment is able to improve skin tone and target lighter brown spots and acne scars that are difficult to target with other laser treatments, while also improving the overall complexion. Skin tone is improved and the skin is left with a youthful, healthy glow.

How does it work?

Generating heat 1000x faster than previous nanotechnology lasers, Enlighten Laser is able to separate pigment and tattoo ink into much smaller particles than previous technologies, reducing thermal collateral damage to surrounding tissues. The increased speed at which laser energy is delivered causes rapid thermal expansion that shatters pigment into minuscule particles which are then absorbed and excreted from the body more quickly. Enlighten Laser decreases the number of treatments, length of treatments, and risk of scarring due to length of emitted wavelengths and the speed at which they are emitted. 

Enlighten laser also features three fully-integrated laser wavelengths: 532 nm, 670 nm, and 1064 nm. Pigment and tattoos, which are comprised of multiple colours, require multiple wavelengths for effective removal, are able to be targeted more effectively with this multi-wavelength solution.

Who is it for?

Enlighten Laser is for anyone looking to get rid of unwanted pigment or tattoo ink. It is also able to brighten the skin and create a more even skin tone.

What are the benefits of Enlighten Laser?

As a result of the advanced technology used by Enlighten, pigment and tattoos can be removed in less time, with less pain. This treatment also requires less treatments in order to achieve the desired result, and is able to do so with less risk of scarring as a result of the speed at which the laser emits wavelengths.

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