Non-Surgical Nose Job

30 mins

$650 +



Treatment Areas

Are you aware that nowadays you can enhance your profile with a non-surgical procedure? Non-surgical nose jobs or non-surgical rhinoplasty have become a popular aesthetic treatment. Because this procedure is non-surgical, it is less risky, fewer side effects. Dermal fillers used and applied in the nose area are the most common facial fillers. In past years, if the patient wasn’t content with their nose shape, or wanted some changes made, the only solution was rhinoplasty. However, in recent years, it was discovered that hyaluronic acid can make significant changes if applied properly in the nose area. 

How can hyaluronic acid change the shape of your nose?

Having non surgical procedure means less risk, and some results can be seen minutes after the procedure, so it is almost instant. Injecting dermal fillers on top and bottom of the ‘imperfection’ can give an appearance of a straighter, thinner and more refined nose. It is a procedure that if done well by a licensed professional can have longer lasting results, depending on the filler that it is being used. 

What if the patient is unhappy with the results?

If the patient is unhappy with results, a professional licensed doctor can get the fillers dissolved or the patients also have the option of waiting for a few months until the dermal fillers dissolve by themselves. 

When is it recommended to get a non surgical nose job procedure?

Can you fix your nose without surgery? Yes, however, this non surgical procedure can get aesthetic results only and unlike a surgery, the results are reversible. This procedure in many cases is recommended to patients who want aesthetic changes only, if the patients have any other respiratory condition that cannot be fixed by injectables they’d need surgery instead. 

Are the results permanent?

Results from this procedure can last from 6 months to up to 1 year before the dermal filler dissolves. However, the results of non-surgical nose jobs by dermal fillers are not permanent.