I Tried Hydration IV Therapy, Here’s What Happened

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Robert Morrell, MD
A nurse getting ready for hydration iv therapy with a patient

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I get chronic stress. I know I am not the only one who feels that way. And I also know that I feel happier and more grounded when I pay attention to my stress levels and make changes in my life when things become unmanageable. I’m also a university student, and there are naturally times of increased stress with exams and final papers. Go figure. Even when I meditate and go for walks and talk to my friends, stress is always going to be a part of my life.

So last year, I decided to try hydration IV therapy. I had heard about people getting the treatment for a number of reasons including athletic recovery, stress relief, skin rejuvenation or even recovering from intense partying. Personally, I was curious about the IV therapy benefits relating to reduced stress and improved energy.

Everything Running Through My Head Before the Experience

I was a little nervous about the treatment because (full disclosure) I fainted after donating blood this one time. Okay I lied, it happened twice. I’m tough as nails, obviously. But I also have lots of tattoos so I’m not completely scared of needles or anything. I felt safe going into the treatment because the chance of any complications of IV therapy is basically zero. Occasional bruising and mild discomfort are the only real concerns.

A nurse administering hydration iv therapy with a patient

Feeling Cool, Calm and Collected

Overall, my experience was really positive. The first time I got injected in my left arm and felt basically no pain. The second time, we used my right arm and I felt a lot more sensitive. My injector was super friendly and encouraging both times. She gave me lots of pillows, blankets, and even a heating pad for the injection site, which made the discomfort go away instantly. I knew that I wanted to distract myself so I planned ahead by bringing headphones and a book. Okay, (full disclosure) I was reading Kill Shot by Vince Flynn which is excessively patriotic but also a super engaging read that completely distracted me. And I had my headphones in with an ambient meditation playing the whole time.

The process was slightly longer than I expected, only because I am used to the 9 to 13 minutes it normally takes for a blood donation. The IV therapy process was around 25 to 30 minutes for me and I ended up chilling out in the comfy chairs for an extra 10 to 15 minutes afterwards just to make sure I felt good to go. I have experience with fainting, remember?

Overall Impressions of Hydration IV Therapy

I really enjoyed the treatment and how it made me feel. It was nice to be able to slow down for that half hour and do something good for my body and mind. The simple act of taking care of myself and prioritizing my health made me feel pretty good. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

A close up of a drip for hydration iv therapy

Hydration IV Therapy Treatment Options

Not being an expert in health or wellness, I needed some guidance about which formula would be right for me. And working at a medical aesthetics and wellness clinic, there are a lot of options.

For example, Medical Rejuvenation Centre carries a pretty cool range of IV therapy drips from Färsk Health Canada. The drips are formulated by an experienced team of pharmacists, chemists, naturopaths, doctors and nurses. Depending on how you feel and what your concerns are, you can choose any of the following formulas:

• Immune: protect, repair, supercharge

• Radiance: refine, illuminate, refresh

• Energy: energize, regenerate, strengthen

• Boost: hydrate, replenish, enhance

Personally, I’m pretty excited to try the Energy formula. Stress tends to drain me of energy, but I feel better when I slow down and focus on health and wellness. How about you?