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Can Botox help treat acne?

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| Aug 30th, 2021

Botox for Acne

Can you get Botox if you have acne?

You probably know Botox as being most widely known for treating signs of aging and you may even have heard it can help with sweating. But more recently, botox injections have been used in dermatology to treat acne outbreaks. 

How does botox work in treating acne?

Botulinum toxin is a naturally derived protein and it helps control excessive sweating or the technical term – hyperhidrosis. This then can help pores on the face as well by helping to reduce the amount of oil the skin produces. Botox injections, when performed by an expert who has experience with this treatment, are able to inject to block the neurotransmitter which is released by the nerves to trigger sweat glands. In turn less perspiration means that the skin will be far less prone to breakouts. 


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