Sunburn Relief and Sun Damage Repair for Hot Girl Summer

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Robert Morrell, MD
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Turning into a lobster or a tomato can really put a damper on your vacation mood. If you have ever had an unexpected sunburn, then you know exactly what we are talking about and you’re probably looking for some instant sunburn relief. Continue reading for a simple breakdown of how to treat and relieve your lightly sunburned lips, painful sunburn rash or that lasting sunburn skin damage.

Instant Sunburn Relief

So, you had an amazing day at the beach and now you’re paying the consequences. We get it. Your immediate concern is probably how to relieve that painful sunburn. For instant sunburn relief, we recommend trying something similar to an aloe vera serum or gel, such as the gentle soothing gel from Di Morelli. Perfect for sensitive or irritated skin, this soothing gel will soothe your dry or burned skin thanks to some powerful botanical extracts and essential oils. It will also leave your skin feeling fresh, cool and rejuvenated.

To help you relax and recover, you could also try the Hydrating Face Mask from Di Morelli. Giving you a refreshingly cool feel, the added hyaluronic acid will help you attract and retain moisture after getting badly sunburned. You will definitely want to take it easy for the evening and try to recuperate some energy after your hot day in the sun. And remember to drink lots of water! Your body will thank you later for it.

Sun Damage Solutions

You are probably experiencing instant regret right now after getting badly burned in the sun. Getting a sunburn is pretty serious, we get it. Did you know that sun damage is responsible for an estimated 90% of premature signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation? Yes, you read that right.

Chronic sun exposure is super harsh on your skin. But the good news? There are ways to repair the damage. You can choose from many accessible and relatively painless treatment options for skin rejuvenation and repair. Once your skin has healed from the immediate sunburn rash and damaged skin, you can refocus on improving the overall health, texture and tone of your skin.

Light and Laser Therapy

One of our favourite treatment options for sun damage is Enlighten, a powerful pico genesis laser from Cutera Aesthetic Solutions. The versatile laser improves skin tone and targets lighter brown spots or hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage. The advanced laser technology uses nanosecond and picosecond pulse durations, making it an effective and efficient choice.

We also love recommending Broadband Light (BBL) therapy for the targeted treatment of brown spots caused by sun damage. The next generation of intense pulsed light therapy, BBL targets specific pigments and imperfections, leaving you with a more vibrant and youthful glow. It’s also pretty fantastic for addressing rosacea, acne scarring and facial veins.

Skin Care Solutions for Sun Damage

Looking to elevate your skin routine with specific skin care products to address sun damage? We recommend the exfoliating Brightener Serum or the revolutionary Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye, both from Di Morelli. These versatile skin care solutions are perfect for breaking down pigment damage and brightening your overall complexion. You can also try out the soothing Hydrating Booster with three molecular weights of hyaluronic acid. This powerful serum is clinically proven to hydrate, repair and calm inflamed and irritated skin.

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The Best Sunburn Relief is Playing It Safe

The best way to make the most of your hot girl summer? Play it safe and do your absolute best to avoid getting a sunburn in the first place! Make your life easy by finding a quality mineral sunscreen to reflect harsh sun rays and protect your delicate skin. We recommend the lightweight and transparent SPF 35 Sunscreen from Di Morelli as the perfect sunscreen for face and body protection during those hot summer days!

PRO TIP: Good friends go to the beach with you, but best friends remind you to wear sunscreen.

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