Botox During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

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Medically reviewed by Dr. Robert Morrell, MD
A young doctor administering Botox to a patient, avoiding botox during pregnancy

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What should you expect while you’re expecting? Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life, but it can also come with hormonal and physical changes. Maintaining healthy good looking skin may take more than your daily night routine of applying cleanser, targeted treatments, and moisturizer. People use Botox for multiple reasons, one of them being to stop the signs of aging and achieve healthier skin. Lots of people also use it for migraines. So, why not incorporate it into your beauty and healthy skin routine while pregnant? Is Botox during pregnancy something safe to consider? Continue reading to find out.

Is it safe to get Botox during Pregnancy?

One of the most frequently asked questions to our Drs here at the Medical Rejuvenation Centre is whether or not Botox is safe while our patients are pregnant or while breastfeeding. To further dig in, we need to have a general understanding of how Botox works in the first place. Botox is a purified protein that works by temporarily blocking motor nerve impulses to targeted muscles. These non-invasive injections are administered directly into the desired treatment area. The botox doesn’t move from the area of application, but does this make the treatment safe?

Truth is, there are not many research studies about this subject due to the risk the studies might have on the health and well-being of the baby. However, Dr. Robert Morrell and the doctors here at MRC recommend patients to always plan the procedures in advance, whether this is before or after pregnancy. It is important for our doctors and patients to always carefully consider the risks and benefits of aesthetic procedures. Your health and the health of your baby are always a number one priority. Remember to always consult with your physician.

Is Botox safe while Breastfeeding?

There appears to be a very minimal amount of the purified botulinum toxin type A within a botox injection and this is why there are no studies of this harming your baby through breastfeeding. Dr. Morrell suggests his patients a practical protocol, which consists in planning ahead in order to have breast milk stored and ready for the baby or simply switching the baby to Formula for 24 hrs. Within this period of time, Dr. Morrell recommends the pump and dump lactation method if the patient prefers to continue breastfeeding the baby the following day.

Expert Advice About Botox During Pregnancy

For best results, it is important to plan ahead of time before having any procedure or treatment done. It is also important that your specialist informs you and advises you of methodology, solutions, and whether or not he/she needs to delay the procedure. Book a complimentary consultation if you are interested in learning more about this treatment and the top Botox techniques used at our clinic in Downtown Vancouver.